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Whether it be thrills, suspense, horror or laughter the ethos of the company is to produce high quality commercial entertainment with social heart and challenging concepts for a global audience.

Theme Park Earth 3D

When a ruthless alien entrepreneur transforms our planet into a booming intergalactic tourist attraction the only one who can stop him from bleeding our world dry is an ostracised boy whose missing Dad holds the key to our very survival.


A missing persons investigator must decipher the truth when she finds her first love, long presumed dead and now immortalised in her husband's best selling "true" story of the two men's horrific holiday abduction ordeal.

Missing Mrs. Time

Once upon a time… there was no time. A fantasy drama set in a world where time keeping is forbidden.

Sybil's Island

Rather than face a life of poverty a small town community sell up and relocate to a paradise island where they find the grass is greener, but not for long.

The Abattoir

A revenge-seeking posse must fight for survival when they are trapped inside a sinister abattoir at the mercy of a mass-murdering interrogator.

Cool Hand Duke

A struggling filmmaker signs up an A-lister to star in his break out movie but has to hatch a plan to shoot the film from behind bars when the star is incarcerated on the eve of filming.

The Last Christmas Tree

In a mundane corporate led futuristic world one imaginative little girl must rescue the power of magic before it’s confined to the history books forever along with the endangered magical Last Christmas Tree.

Fugitive No. 1

In a draconian world a fugitive high ranking Judge, wrongly convicted of murder, must discover who framed him before the family of his alleged victim carry out their legal right and hunt him down to take revenge.